Know Your Student

This is Module 3 of the Mindfulness in the Classroom Program 

You are able to do this module separately.

An engaged student contributes to a focused classroom. Mindfulness helps students to be fully engaged with their work, increasing their focus and decreasing their stress. For an Educator it is really difficult to try and give every student 100% attention all of the time. This course has a structured framework of empowering you to understand every student through:

  • their 12 archetypes that govern their behavior
  • their astrology charts

Each student is individual and by empowering yourself with this knowledge, you the Educator, will not only influence better grades but you will become a true role model and mentor for the student that supersedes far beyond just academic studies.


  • Understanding the Child (Left brain | Right brain)
  • The 12 Archetypes
  • Understanding the individual student
  • The 12 Astrology Signs
  • Awakening Intuitive Abilities


In this course you will learn to understand each student individually. You will be able to adapt teaching skills to meet the needs of each learner.

In this course you will :

  • Be able to coach and guide the learner through their 12 Archetypes
  • Be able and coach the learner through their astrology charts
  • Be able to consult and coach the learner towards learning disabilities
  • Be able to coach the learner in identifying what’s holding him/her back
  • Be able to guide the learner in relaxed awareness and focus
  • Be able to guide the learner on effective individual study techniques


  • The Teacher is more empowered
  • You will be able to understand each learner
  • You will be able to coach and guide each learner
  • You will be able to identify and address the learning disabilities of the learner
  • You will be able to make the learner aware of what is holding them back
  • You will be able to guide parents effectively
  • You will be able to create effective teams for learning
  • You will create a more positive classroom
  • You will create a strong mentorship program
  • Students will be able to ‘see’ who they actually are and take responsibility for their choices
  • Higher school grades

Qualification : Know The Student Coach

NQF Level : 5

SACE Qualification Code: PR13205
CPTD Points : 15
Hours: 200

Services Seta Qualification Code:
SAQA ID: 252031
Total Credits: 4

Course Duration
Length of program:
Maximum 200 hours

Course Fee
eLearning : R2 200 / USD 220
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NQF Level 5
Know Your Student

SACE Credits
15 CPTD Points

English Speaking
Computer Literate

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